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Week 40: Birth

The birth story of my second child had its beginnings in many places – in the birth stories I heard from my dad who was a natural birth advocate and family doctor in the 70s and 80s, in my mom’s … Continue reading

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Week 39: Midwifery vs. OB models of care

I am shocked at the differences between midwifery and OB care. The 39 week appointment is always a time of trepidation for me as a doula and for my clients. It’s the appointment where providers order ultrasounds to check for … Continue reading

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Week 37: informed consent

Informed consent. I had the GBS screen but didn’t have the results yet (later came back negative), and I asked my midwife what her recommended protocol was if it should come back positive. She said this: “I don’t have a … Continue reading

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