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Week 28: The scary zone

Note: I started this blog with a few-week lag to my actual pregnancy, but that lag has turned into 10 weeks – thus the closely spaced weeks here. I’m trying to catch up… Week 28 of pregnancy is a very … Continue reading

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Week 27: More birth art

Birth art is amazingly freeing, revealing, and beautiful. The first one here is Door to Birth, from Birthing from Within, and the second is A Contraction, a suggestion from my husband (partly because he was really curious what contractions feel … Continue reading

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Week 26: Birth art: Fantasy of Labor and Birth

This is one of the art assignments in Birthing from Within, called Fantasy of Labor and Birth. I would describe this picture as the fantasy to be cradled in nature, sheltered by a big tree and mountain, with no other … Continue reading

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Week 25: Hospital birth plan

So as the OB recommended, I’ve come up with this hospital birth plan. It’s simple and explains what I most care about. Most consent and refusal of hospital procedures takes place verbally anyway, so I do believe that long written … Continue reading

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Week 24: Having rights should not be a marker of privilege

Still trying to sort out my visit with the OB. I think it’s important to separate all the feelings I have after this meeting. I feel elated at having been told that someone is actually going to go out of … Continue reading

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