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Week 23: Meeting with hospital OB

This OB is amazing. He said the specific words “patient rights trump protocol” and he really, really meant it. I walked into my meeting with him fully expecting to get some bland reassurances, maybe some talk about how every doctor … Continue reading

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Week 22: Words for the hospital and some for home

I could write these on cards, or just memorize them. Or I could look up this blog post should I need to. “Please do not touch me.” “I’m going to decline IV fluids, thank you.” “I would like to decline … Continue reading

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Week 21: The priority of safety vs. other values

A while ago a friend got me to thinking about the concept of “Safety First.” If we actually adhered to that principle, we’d never leave our houses, we’d never climb mountains, we’d never do sports, etc… There are so many … Continue reading

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Week 20: Reading Childbirth Without Fear

Childbirth Without Fear is a fascinating example of how a sensitive, compassionate and feminist man can support natural childbirth – and how that support, when coming from a man, does not equal the same support coming from a woman. Grantly … Continue reading

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