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Week 8: Interviewing the system

The Receptionist Receptionist: Hello, this is [Big City University] Med OB/GYN department, how may I help you? Me: Hi, I’m pregnant and I’d like to schedule a consult appointment with Dr. [Good Reputation]. When can he see me, and how … Continue reading

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Week 7: Pain is the least of my worries

This time around I am afraid of a lot of things related to childbirth, but I am not afraid of pain. Pain is a sensation. I think I’ve always been good at not allowing physical sensations to disrupt my equilibrium. … Continue reading

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Week 6: Is bravery naive or wise?

My maternity clothes are artifacts from a different self. Taking them out today made me remember in a way I haven’t for a long time who I was before the birth. My first pregnancy was delightful and I enjoyed every … Continue reading

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